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We are so glad you are interested in becoming a Ha'a'aahdę́ę́' Writing Fellow with the Emerging Diné Writers’ Institute (EDWI). Below is more information about who Ha'a'aahdę́ę́' Writing Fellows are and additional information about applying.


What is a Ha'a'aahdę́ę́' Writing Fellow and who can apply to be one?

Ha'a'aahdę́ę́' Writing Fellows are Diné writers in high school, college, or graduate school who exhibit a serious interest in creative writing and want to advance their creative writing ability. Ha'a'aahdę́ę́' Writing Fellows receive funding from EDWI to participate in the week-long program, including funds for meals, and lodging in residential halls at Navajo Technical University in Crownpoint, New Mexico. Since this year’s program is online, there will be no funding for meals and lodging. Ha'a'aahdę́ę́' Writing Fellows will be paired with and mentored by an acclaimed Diné writer and will learn from visiting writers.



Diné writers in high school, college, and graduate school applying for a Ha'a'aahdę́ę́' Writing Fellowship must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • must be Diné and currently enrolled in a high school or college/university. Important note: students must only be Diné and they can reside on or off the reservation.
  • must exhibit serious interest in creative writing.
  • must be willing and able to participate fully in EDWI, meaning residing in residential halls (even if the student is from Crownpoint or the surrounding area) and full participation in all EDWI activities and events.
  • must adhere to all policies, procedures, regulations and rules set forth by EDWI and Navajo Technical University for the duration of their participation in the program.


How to Apply

Ha'a'aahdę́ę́' Writing Fellowship applications can be completed online here. Once you complete the application, press SUBMIT. Your application will then be displayed in our database and we will send you a confirmation email stating that we received your application. Please note that a confirmation email does not mean you have been accepted into the program. If you are accepted as a Ha'a'aahdę́ę́' Writing Fellow, you will receive an official letter with the Director’s signature and more information about when to show up to campus..

Writers must complete the application fully and to the best of their ability. Considering this is a writing intensive summer program, any short answer sections of the application should contain more than one word answers. Applications that are detailed and show creativity will be given more consideration. Students who are under the age of 18 will need to complete the application with their parent or guardian.

Important note: even if a student isn’t accepted into the program as a Ha'a'aahdę́ę́' Writing Fellow, they can still attend the public agenda of the program. Not being accepted as a Ha'a'aahdę́ę́' Writing Fellow only means that the student won’t receive funding for meals or lodging. Ha'a'aahdę́ę́' Writing Fellow awards are limited because of funding.



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