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Calling All Writers

Storytelling has always been a pivotal foundation in Diné culture. Storytelling encapsulates more than the ancestral cultural stories passed down since time immemorial. Storytelling includes cultural stories, everyday occurrences, writing, fiction, poetry, journalism, songs, and much more. We invite everyone to attend EDWI to learn more about your own kind of storytelling. EDWI is a place where we learn from the ancestral stories and create stories of our own. Through the vehicle of storytelling, we can reclaim our voices and tell our own stories. This is a power that we hope to inspire in EDWI participants.

EDWI is free for all participants and everyone is welcome to attend the public portion of the agenda. To attend please complete the online registration form.

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Navajo Technical University, like all tribal colleges and universities, grew out of a prayer in the 1960s that envisioned all tribes moving toward self-determination by expressing their sovereignty and establishing their own institutions of higher education. It was as a result of this movement that NTU began as the Navajo Skill Center in 1979 to meet the immediate needs of an unemployed population on the Navajo Nation.

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